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Thai Yoga Massage

Traditional Thai Bodywork, also called Thai Yoga Massage is a therapeutic technique that dates back over twenty five hundred years. It is widely practiced in Thailand and becoming more popular in western countries. I do this type of massage on a floor mat so you should wear loose, comfortable clothing to allow for stretching. I generally do not use any oils with this type of massage. With slow, rhythmic compressions along Sen energy lines in the back, arms and legs and gentle yoga-like stretches, this type of bodywork benefits both the giver and receiver in many ways.

The benefits of a Thai massage include stress and pain relief, improved range of motion, release of lactic acid and other toxins, more energy and deeper relaxation.

I’m a Licensed Massage Therapist and Facial Specialist and I’ve been practicing in the Tampa Bay area for almost 10 years. I studied massage and facials and graduated from Sunstate Academy in Clearwater, Florida in January 2011 and have worked at high end spas in the bay area. It’s my passion to help people look and feel better and that has given me many happy, returning clients. My training includes Swedish/relaxation, deep tissue, sports, hot stones, cupping, Reiki healing energy work and my favorite, Thai yoga massage.